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Finmark: 6 months at 50% of standard price

Financial Modeling Made Easy

Create and share financial plans, manage burn rate, and forecast revenue and expenses—without spreadsheets.

Build a Financial Model 10x Faster.
Finmark eliminates the need for complex spreadsheets, so founders can easily create, update, and share their financial plans. Ensure your financials hit the mark. Every time.

Finmark Dashboard

Take the guesswork out of building a customized financial model -
Scenario Planning
Take your assumptions for a test drive and be prepared for anything. With Finmark you can create and manage multiple financial plans for your company, and compare two models directly in your dashboard.

Formulas & Variables
Get the flexibility of a spreadsheet without being confined to a template. Whether your model is simple or more sophisticated, you can build it in Finmark using your own formulas and variables.

Finmark Dashboard

Inaccurate cash flow timelines can steer your startup toward a cliff without knowing it. Quickly determine if you’re on the path to becoming cash flow positive or running out of money -without having to do all the math.

Fundraising Needs
Deciding when and how much to fundraise can be overwhelming. Find out exactly how much to raise and whether or not you’re on track to reach your goals.

Hiring Plan
Hiring is the biggest budgetary item a startup has, as most of its dollars go toward people


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6 months at 50% of standard price