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Firstbase: $20 discount for incorporation

Start your business in the United States from anywhere.

Incorporate your company and access the greatest startup ecosystem on the planet. Firstbase is your organization’s first step.

The only all-in-one incorporation tool.
Starting a company is a struggle. Lots of paperwork. Outdated software. Government headaches. The Firstbase platform is built to fix all of that.

1. Register your business. No boring paperwork for you. Register in days—state registration and formation is automated and painless.

2. Receive your legal documents. Forget about legal work or fees. Company formation documents are prepared with standard terms used by top startups.

3. Obtain your Tax ID Number. No U.S. citizenship required. Fast tax setup. The only platform with EIN registration to keep you compliant.

4. Apply for a bank account, payment processor, and other business tools via Firstbase Loop. Just select the tool you need and we will transfer all your business data to a partner for a fully automated onboarding, and exclusive rewards.


- Supporting founders from anywhere.
- Expert lifetime support in 5 different languages.
- No hidden fees.
- Automated bank account opening & compliance.
- Seamless integration with payment processors.
- Automated document generation & stock issuance.

Start your success story and grow.
10,000+ companies from over 170 countries have started growing in the U.S. with Firstbase. We make company growth dreams come true by accelerating company launch times from anywhere on the planet.


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$20 discount for incorporation