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Customer Service Made Easy for Online Stores

Gorgias is the ecommerce helpdesk that turns your customer
service into a profit center.

Centralize all your support tickets in one place
Have all your customer's data displayed when you're talking to them. Edit orders, modify subscriptions, and refund payments without leaving your helpdesk.

Get the full customer picture
Have all your customer data displayed when you're talking to them. Edit orders, subscriptions or refund payments from your helpdesk.


Automate repetitive tasks to spend more time where it counts
From automating the tasks like cutting and pasting commonly asked questions, to fully automating and closing out tickets, your support team will spend less time looking busy, and more time talking to customers.

Turn your customer support into a profit center

Increase conversion rates by turning visitors into shoppers
Give your visitors a personalized shopping experience—no matter where in the world they are.

Engage with customers before they hit your website
Respond to customers asking about your products on your ads and posts, increasing your sales and ad effectiveness by the equivalent of a 5% increase in ad-spend.

Unlock sales from support via live chat, text, and social media
Your customers won’t always be on your website. Track all sales generated by support agents over text messages, social media answers, and live chat conversations on your website.


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