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Neo.Tax: Discount of $250

Automated Taxes for Startups

Unlocking the R&D tax credit for startups. Because you earned it.

Founded by a CPA
With more than 20 years of experience preparing and auditing R&D credits.

Streamlined Process
Our experience means we know which details are actually worth sweating—and which are not.

Standard 2% Fee
We charge the same rate as everyone else—2% of total qualified expenses claimed.


Neo.Tax is easy and accurate.
1. Check to see how much you’re eligible for
In a few simple questions see if you qualify for the R&D tax credit and the potential amount of your credit.

2. Identify your qualified work
Create qualifying R&D projects using our simple guidance of the 4-part test.

3. Connect accounts to add expenses
Automatically link your payroll and accounting software or manually enter your expenses and tag your R&D qualified expenses.

4. Neo.Tax prepares filing
Leave the creation of the forms to us. We will send you completed forms and instructions that you or your accountant can file with your federal tax return.

5. Receive everything you need to file
Once we’re confident your credit is thorough and accurate, we’ll send you a complete filing package with everything your tax preparer needs to file and apply the credit.

The filing package will include:
  • all the necessary tax forms
  • clear instructions for filing the credit
  • an R&D Study substantiating the claim


Available to everyone.

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Discount of $250