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Cloud Native Data Protection

Nightfall is built to discover, classify, and protect data across any app. We use machine learning to zero in on data that you deem critical – like PII and credentials – for easy, comprehensive coverage without the alert fatigue.

Nightfall integrates via APIs, so you can easily set up cloud-native data loss prevention (DLP) without any agents, end-user impact, or network latency.

Create custom detection rules and leverage them across multiple cloud environments.

Use machine learning to classify your sensitive data – like PII and credentials – with high accuracy.

Set up real-time alerts and take action to remediate violations.


For developers, by developers
Building with Nightfall’s APIs allow you to leverage Nightfall’s proprietary detection engine. Inspect data anywhere – whether in your product, data flows, or third-party apps – without needing to build sensitive data detection from scratch.

Build sensitive data classification & protection into any application
The Nightfall Developer Platform is a set of APIs to classify & protect sensitive data, like PII and credentials in your app or service. Let Nightfall handle the data protection infrastructure so you can focus on building great products.


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